The Power of the Belt and Road Initiative

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One country’s project spans over 3 continents, touches over 60% of the world’s populations, includes over 65 nations, and is quietly reshaping the world. If you connect the dots it’s not hard to see which country that is — it’s China.

China is using the most ambitious trillion dollar geoeconomic infrastructure project in modern history to solidify it’s position as world leader and to reroute global trade. This is how China plans to become the world’s next super power.

China’s One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR):

  • Also known as the “belt and road progress, “The Silk Road Economic Belt”, and the “21st-century Maritime Silk Road”.
  • Ancient Silk Road: A network of trade routes that spread goods, ideas, and culture across Europe, the Middle East, and China as far back as 200 BC.
  • All part of Beijing’s push to increase global influence and promote economic cooperationin such areas as trade, investment, finance, transport and communication:

— Building modern infrastructure can attract more investment and trade along the route.

  • The BRI is expected to bridge the ‘infrastructure gap’ in Asia, thus accelerating the economic growth across the Asia Pacific area and Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Aims to connect Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and most recently Latin America, with a vast transport network including logistics using:

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