Genesis Was a Scientifically Correct and Biblically Accurate Model of the Creation of the Universe

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If the fabric of the Cosmos was created in the vacuum of space and no organic being was there to hear it could we still hear a bang? Was there a bang? Does it matter in the argument for how we ended up walking upright on solid ground thinking about how we ended up walking upright on solid ground? We hypothesize that the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation be the resonant verbal frequency of our universe in motion.

It is the aggregate frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Whatever the case may be both the Bible and Science refer to a moment in time when nothing became everything. We can imagine that at this point Eloheem has designed and constructed the fabric of time and space by verbalizing the astrophysical, gravitational, làm bằng đại học and radioactive forces at play in the cosmos. The Universal model for a continuum in time and space is now set in motion. There are the Nth Dimensional laws of astrophysics at play inside the clean room and the laws Heavenly physics controlling all energy from the ? Dimension outside the clean room.

The Universe at this point in time resembles a multi dimensional plane in time and space surrounded by an infinite Heavenly Space. Earth is constructed in the ? dimension but organic creatures are limited to experiencing only four. The Nth dimension encompasses the 4th Dimension and The Almighty Self-Existent Eloheem occupies the Heavenly Infinite Space. The Eloheem are limited to Nth dimensional time and space and cannot pas into ? Space.

We do not know how many dimensions exist in Angelic Space but we assume that it is more than four in that by definition our reality is subject to the laws of heavenly physics for its stability. We use the integer N in that we cannot determine how many. Our system of physical laws is a subset of an Nth dimensional set of laws that are a subset of an infinitesimal set of Almighty and Heavenly laws.

We attempt to create a Universal Timeline, which assumes that there was a moment when The Almighty prepared to set this creation into motion. The moments, years, epochs, or ages are not important for the establishment of Biblical Time Zero (T-0).

We assign the moment of the creation of the cosmos by Eloheem, T- 0. Scientists place this date at approximately 16 billion years ago. Eloheem has now created the cosmic fabric of time and space, and the laws, which enclose our 4 dimensional realities in a vacuum of Nth Dimensional time and space. The Heavens are complete. Philosophers have contemplated the Heavens since the first sunset. Scientists have attempted to physically locate the outer most reaches of space and the invention of modern telescope lenses in 1608 has propelled the advancement of Astrophysics to new heights. But we still do not know where the Universe ends.

We hypothesis that The Universe ends at the outer most layer of the Nth dimension and it was engineered and constructed by an Eloheem. And then that Eloheem created The Earth at T-1. He then set the Universe in motion and was hidden and anointed by his Father, Yeheveh Eloheem. Yeheveh Eloheem then created the Angelic Realm and they were all on the Planet as it moved through The Universe. The measurements were made that would determine the correct position of the Earth at a distance where it would be best effected by the associated satellites. The Archangels and Angels were in attendance when the Earth settled on its invisible axis.

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Or who laid the corner stone thereof; when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? – KJV – Job 38:4,7

We hypothesize that the Morning Stars and The Sons of God were not present at the Earth’s formation at T-1, the beginning of the First World Age. Yeheveh places Job with the dinosaurs in Raysheeth.

Now see behemoth, that I made simultaneous with you; it eats grass like an Herbivore. – TGR – Job 40:15

In our model we have established that in Raysheeth, the Earth was created and Behemoth wore tracks into the dirt. In Job 40:15 The Supreme Creator informs Job that he made the Behemoth with him. Do we dare assume that God made humans and Dinosaurs in a simultaneous moment in time? That is not scientifically accurate so we must determine that Job was present in Raysheeth in his “man-faced” Spirit Form. The possibility exists that you and I were there as well, made ignorant by the process of becoming an organic being. We are born into this world and will remain confused about all of this until we are reminded.

The Genesis Revelation: A Scientifically Correct Translation of the Hebrew Book of Genesis, A Consolidated Mythological History of the Antediluvian World, And The Most Comprehensive Argument for Creation Science Ever Written The Mystery of The Anointed Messiah and Divine Creation are the most controversial and misunderstood subjects known to Humankind. For thousands of years, Scientists, Theologians, and Laypersons alike have studied the Holy Bible in search of logical and practical solutions for these and the many other Biblical mysteries. Creationism is the original theory for existence and the advent of scientific thought has rendered the current case for creation impotent in light of the evidences. The theory that the Earth and all life on it were created in 6 actual days is incomprehensible to this new and more learned generation of faithful, skeptics, and agnostics. They seek a spiritual truth that is more consistent with what we have discovered about the Universe.

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