Flirting Lines for Guys to Use on Girls

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Are you searching for flirting pick up lines for guys to use on girls? If so, you may not find exactly what you are looking for here. However, don’t stop reading just yet, as you are about to learn something that is far more important than any of the corny flirting lines and that will actually mean that you will have far more success with women than you would with any pick up lines for guys to use on girls, which really don’t work.

This is a technique known as the ‘Oh’ opener and is a way to get her to invite you into a conversation with her, rather than you trying to ‘pick her up’. This way, she has actually given you the opportunity to talk to her and is therefore opening up to you from the start, rather than immediately being on the defensive and parrying away some terrible chat up line.

So, let me explain how this works and Niteflirtsignin it is such a strong way to get a woman talking to you compared to standard openers. Say for example, we use a typical opener such as asking for directions. If you approach a woman and say ‘Hi, could you tell me how to get to…”, this is a weak attempt at getting to talk to her further than that actual question. Firstly, it is something boring that anyone would ask her and so she will not give it much thought. In fact, by asking her this, you are already giving her a chance to send you away, before you’ve even had a chance to get any further.

Now compare this to the ‘oh’ opener, where she will want to find out more and therefore ask you questions and engage you in conversation, rather than the other way round. So as you may have guessed already, rather than saying hi, or any other introduction, which is typical and often ignored, you start by exclaiming ‘Oh’ while you are near the girl you want to attract the attention of. This will catch her ear and make her look in your direction.

Here is where you can make eye contact with her as you turn your head to look at her as you say it. Be sure to keep your body facing away at this time as this will make it seem as if you are not approaching her at this point and therefore not make her feel as if she needs to jump on the defensive.

Then it’s time for the next line, which should be a something like ‘have you heard about…’. You can use anything here, something you’ve read about, or heard on the news for example. Basically, you want it to seem like you were having a conversation with your friends and you are seeking confirmation from her to back up a point you were making. This works great as if she has, she will back you up and already be on side with you and if she hasn’t, she will say no, but be interested and ask why.

This is your cue to turn your attention towards her a little more. As she gets more intrigued, you can then turn fully towards her and engage in conversation with her. The great thing is that she has already let her guard down and actually wants to talk to you at this point. This then gives you the opportunity to move off this topic and carry on talking about other things.

Hopefully now you will see just how powerful this technique can be at getting to talk to women and how it works so much better than any pick up lines for guys to use on girls. This is a neat little trick that you can start to use right away and can be used in all kinds of different situations, so try it out today.

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