Choose a Sponsor That’s Working for you: The Ethics of Green Web Hosting

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Choose a Internet hosting Provider

A internet hosting company, just like any other commercial business, is a for-profit enterprise. The company hooks web sites to the world wide web, but that’s just the start of your relationship with your provider. In fact, your provider (at least a good one) in concert with you as you build your on-line business.

And a good provider wants you to hit your objectives as much as you do. Unfortunately, not all hosting companies website hosting canada share the same business values and some are downright unethical, placing your web-based business in danger and decreasing your chances for on-line success.

So what should you expect from your sponsor? Trustworthiness, integrity, concern, help and a corporate friend that puts your best interests first.

Green Hosting Technology

The air is getting dirtier. The seas are turning black. Clean drinking water is tight in many places in the world and we all have a responsibility to use less energy. It’s the moral thing to do.

So, to start, look for a provider company that shows concern for the environment today and in the future – a provider that employs green tech to offer services to you. What to look for?

more renewable energy sources like wind turbines and cold water cooling for sponsor servers
Energy Star rated, highly efficient servers, which are nothing more than huge hard disks on which your web site is located on the server side
responsible garbage disposal of outdated equipment to prevent heavy, toxic metals from seeping into our water supplies
an moral, corporate value to employ the least amount of energy while delivering the highest quality of service
Green hosting services are the future. Only a few hosts employ green technology end-to-end. Choose one of these vanguard companies. That commitment to a cleaner future makes an moral statement about what’s important to the web hosting company’s management team.

More Shared Access

A internet hosting company is an accumulation servers – huge hard disks that connect web sites to the world wide web.

Now servers cost money and energy efficient servers cost a lot of money. So, there’s always the attraction to stuff as many web sites onto a server as possible. In fact, it’s not at all unusual for some web hosts to put 3, 000 web sites onto a single server to recoup the cost of that server as quickly as possible.

The problem with reloading up a single server with a few thousand web sites is accessibility to server assets. For example, a server uses a common CPU – central processing unit. If the server is overloaded, you may not get access immediately to your server’s CPU, and neither will site visitors.

Bandwidth is another shared asset – how quickly does your web site interact with site visitors. Studies show that 90% of web surfers will sit by having a 10-second download while only 10% will sit by having a 30-second download. In the space of 20 seconds, you can lose 80% of visitors trying to access you site because the sponsor has placed so many web sites on your server that adequate bandwidth isn’t always available.

And you lose site visitors. If you use a shared hosting account to store your web site, ask about the number of other websites that is to be competing for access to shared, server side resources. You want your fair share and so do site visitors.

Take a Test drive

An moral provider doesn’t want a bunch of unhappy clients. It wants happy, satisfied buyers of the host’s services.

An moral provider company will let you try out a back corner office while providing a guarantee. A 30-day, guarantee shows that the web host cares about client satisfaction more than making a few extra bucks.

If a provider you’re considering doesn’t give a purchasing refund, find an moral provider that does the right thing – every time.

Closed In

Also, take a look at the terms of service (TOS) of any sponsor you take into account. Most lock you into a 12- or 24-month contract with lots of boilerplate and fine print so tiny no one can look at the real TOS.

If you’re closed in to a long-term contract, you continue to pay a monthly hosting fee even if you take your site down! Does that sound fair to you? Does it sound moral?

An moral provider doesn’t want to freeze customers. It wants customers who are very pleased with the delivery of services and stay because they get their money’s worth every month.

Also, watch out for teaser rates – a big come on to get you to sign up at $4. 95 a month for six months, at which point the hosting fee advances to $39. 95 every 30 days. Does that sound like a company you want as your on-line partner? Sounds highly unethical but a lot of web hosts tease you in to signing up before hitting you with a huge jump in your monthly hosting fee.

Surprise! You’ve been deceived by an unethical provider that hides the truth. Look for total and complete transparency. To check out the terms of service. If the TOS are loaded with legal gibberish, that sponsor isn’t being transparent in its deals with you. That is certainly not moral.

Help As it’s needed

When you choose a provider, look for one that delivers more than server space. Look for a host that wants to help you reach the highest numbers of success in every way.

And one of those ways is a 24/7 toll-free hotline so you can get tech support or answer to a payment question at any time – even 2: 00 AM if you have a question. The help desk should be available, totally knowledgeable, empowered to fix problems and 100% patient. If it takes a while to walk you through how to attach a blog module, you want someone on the other end of the line who has the information and endless patience to help you accomplish your on-line objective.


An moral provider is a reliable sponsor – one you can count on to offer the highest numbers of service, a full bag of web site building tools and applications and an uptime that makes the other web hosts jealous, because when your server is “down, ” your business is off-line and your prospects can’t find you.

With today’s state-of-the-art technology, you should expect your web site to be “up” 100% of that time period using redundant systems and procedures that activate automatically, even if the electricity grid fails in the city where your provider can be found.


Any one can become a sponsor. In fact, there are thousands of host resellers – small businesses that rent server space at wholesale prices and sell that space at retail. These small companies are in business to make money – period. They will lack support, some have only been in business for a few months and still don’t have all the “bugs” solved and some disappear overnight.

You go to bed after checking your web site and wake up the next morning and get a 404 error message letting you know that your web site isn’t available. Why? Because that low-ball sponsor you chose switched the switch and walked away with thousands of customer profiles – personal data that’s now up for sale on hacker sites around the world.

Check the lineage of your web host’s management team before making any decision. An moral provider will have a long reputation quality in order to guarantee that it’s here today, here tomorrow.

Your provider should be pulling for your success from day one. That’s how the sponsor grows its business – with an increasing base of happy customers who tell others about the ethics and quality of diamond they receive from their honest, involved and moral internet hosting company.

Think you’ve got nothing to lose going with the cheapie hosts? Think one more time. Go with a internet hosting company that lies it all out for you, supplies the tools you need to build and manage a web site and a company that puts your needs first.

That is the sponsor that values business ethics, and a sponsor you want to partner in your web success.

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